How a JellyFish Heals all Mankind in Jesus’ Name

I constantly open to CHRISTs Endless Healing Beauty as yet another form of Worship and Prayer of Healing for all. And hanging out with JellyFish is among my favorite ways of doing just that.

Now these days I am not privy to jumping into any nearby exotic island’s surrounding ocean, so I Receive the immediate Beauty of GODs Holy and available blessings, and in this case, I went to the St Louis Zoo.

But HOW do I Know JellyFish are used in CHRIST for the Healing Prayer of all?

Because when I was 5, I got stung by touching one in the Gulf of Mexico.

And LORD Knows what my little kiddo reaction was to that 5 hour long, oozing-like-molten-Fire pain! 

But I remember being fascinated with the sensations of the pain as a child. Quietly, talking to JESUS about His own Pain in relation to what I was feeling, I also vocally told my Daddy ( who was driving us back to Missouri after the vacation) that I KNEW JESUS was Healing him as well. 

And I told my Daddy, 

You should tell JESUS you’re thankful for that JellyFish! 

When my Daddy asked me why he should be thankful about a JellyFish hurting his daughter, I said:

Because JellyFish are angels in the ocean and they teach people to think about the pain of what Jesus did for all. 

My Daddy just smiled, and kept on driving.

❤️✝️❤️ If you feel inspired to keep on driving in this earthly life by Way of the LOVE via this blog post, please share it far and wide. I am Convicted in the Truth that you can do all things in JESUS. GOD Bless your every atom❤️✝️❤️

Elise R Brion

Supernatural Healing Steps are NEVER to be Wasted…

I am a firm believer in NEVER wasting Supernatural Healing Moments, which in all Truth, is EVERY single second. Because I destroyed my brain and heart through medically-declared death by suicide, and in GOD’s Grace was Miraculously Healed, I know what it takes to LIVE the Preciousness of LIFE:

Living on Earth in fleshly form naturally brings disease, because evil has been allowed to remain and mutate down here. It is the natural way of the world to instill lies, dis-ease, doubt, and doom into a human being’s every atom and every layer of mind.


I DESTROY EACH AND EVERY SINGLE iota of evil by way of my very lifestyle: which is working in the dirt of the sacred earthly soils, and I go straight into the dirt of the world through my weekly, livestream on HEALING, through my books, and music so as to Directly Assist all souls in Transforming their lives from dis-ease and despair into Living INFINITE HEALING NOW. I do this because I know what it is to go from suicidal depression and death unto the Power of Infinity… and you can too!

You are Designed in CHRIST to Become Transformed in every area of your LIFE! Are you READY for it? We start with the Simple and Sacred, gathering the Seeds of this very moment, preparing the Garden for more Healing….


and when you subscribe to my site, you continually Receive more Guidance and Support. And now, you need to simply OPEN so as to WATER that Garden. The OutPouring of GOD ALMIGHTY IS the TRUTH of LIFE. So jump into the Cascade with me here!

WATER is a holy Gift from GOD which becomes His Living Might, when YOU put the Focus of CHRIST upon it. Because mankind has stripped Nature on Earth away from the Perfection of GOD ALMIGHTY, it is a Gift and Responsibility to ReClaim it, in JESUS’ Name. And the WHOLE of all Life benefits from YOUR simple action. Listen to my Song: RUSHING for the Holy Inspiration you need, and come back to get these next Healing steps:

Here are a few simple and powerful steps you can activate in your life RIGHT this very moment so as to enter into the Healing of INFINITY:

  1. Tape or write with a permanent marker, the words “HEALED” on a drinking container you use regularly.
  2. Pay attention to the details of what occurs in your days, as you practice drinking the Reality that GOD has already Healed and is Healing you.
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Repairing an Angel’s Wing

This is the wooden angel my daughter gave me last Christmas, and she has had her place of honor right next to our beloved grandma beta fish whose name is  Narina:

Now just the other day as I was cleaning around Narina’s tank, I accidentally knocked the angel over sending her crashing down to the wooden floor. Immediately her right wing severed off and flew away from her body a few inches.

I was aghast. And I felt horrible for my stupid error.

I finished my cleaning job after gathering her severed wing, placing it in a little coconut husk pouch off to the side.

I didn’t want to stop cleaning because I believe in finishing what you start, and I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in turning my mistake into a lesson and a teaching.

That severed right wing stayed in the coconut husk for two weeks, with myself occasionally coming back to stare at that broken wing and that Angel with half her capacity. Coincidingly, I observed  the current happenings of this fallen and diseased world, as is my custom, and I decided to put the Healing focus upon all souls who have  intentionally attempted to cut the wings off others who DO desire to know God’s transformative Power. The Prayer got sweaty and full of FIRE as I felt and saw exactly how evil attempts to annihilate souls from receiving the Love of GOD through JESUS. But I stayed my course…and kept things SIMPLE.

I turn everything into Prayer of His Will. I choose to constantly open myself to allow His Holy Spirit to bring forth that which the Heavenly Father desires.​

So, I grabbed that wood glue and went to work, SEEING the Restoration of millions in the Holy LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST as I did this seemingly physical kindergarten work.

And this I KNOW: 

That this LIFE BELONGs fully to my Holy LORD and I am Bonded unto EXACTLY what He Wants. So what I Pray forth in His  Name occurs exactly according to His  Will and His Way and in His Timeless and Perfect Direction. 

I am His Muscle and His unique Creation, here to see the ravages of evil in these End Times…fully Destroyed. What are YOU here to do? Breathe His Highest Blessings now………And…

Dive into She Breathes Infinity for your direct assistance in HOW to LIVE His Kingdom fully Healed…right now.

Healing Grief in the JOY of Seeing Beyond Time

How do you Heal grief from the loss of a loved one?

This is one of my favorite images of two of my furry beloveds, Dobby the Black Bunny and PiToo, my little Golden Godzilla. And it was taken the summer before Dobby went back to our LORD after being on Earth for close to 20 years, which is a very fulfilled Bunny life!

Dobby was sent to us by JESUS, in a very special way. He was already 9 years old, and had been horribly neglected and abused by his former “caretaker.” Dobby was supposed to live with us for just a summer, but that summer turned into his permanent entry into our Warm Home. And OH, our little Home got even more Heavenly Heated by way of this amazing spirit.

He took awhile to desire being held by us two-leggeds. Because he had been so neglected by humans for his first 9 years, always being caged up in a stinky, dirty cage, he did not trust anyone as he shivered in fear when anyone tried to come close. Slowly, over a period of three months, we respected this need he had to move very gingerly. We offered him carrots through his cage, moving on to a little forehead rub as he began to soften a little. Then we opened the door to his cage and welcomed him to run about the house.

All this while, Opi would sniff about his cage, coming to hang out with Dobby both while we were all home, and when we were away, Opi would take his naps plastered right up against Dobby’s cage, with Dobby just as close. Those were the days before PiToo, the Golden Godzilla, was in the family.

Soon, Dobby felt comfy enough to leave the cage and prance about the house with Opi as if he was a puppy. They primarily played inside…until PiToo came along.

PiToo’s first day home…July 26, 2013

After this eight week old puppy realized the ins and outs of his new stomping grounds, as well as the awesome brotherhood that he was graced to be a part of….the Three Musketeers were born. Shooting out of his cage everyday, Dobby, PiToo, and Opi would spend most of the spring and summer days outside together, coming in for water and a break from the sunshine.


These Three Muskateers never left each others’ side:

And for 5 years, these boys broke every rule about hunter Dogs naturally wanting to kill innocent little bunnies because they chose to be the best of Friends.

Timeless JOY filled our Home as it still does but in new ways…And these timeless moments of JOY are exactly the Medicine in CHRIST I use to keep my heart in His Truth of Eternal Life….

When it was most obvious that Dobby’s little body was beginning to grow tumors all over it, we were all so worried but Prayerful. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible, doting on him when the medicine of play with Opi and PiToo turned in to exhaustion. We could see it in his eyes that after 3 years of living with the tumors, it was soon his time to leave Earth.

A holy joy given to my family and I, in caring for this Trio, and when Dobby finally passed, it was a very bittersweet experience:

…for we were now faced with the Truth that Dobby was back in his True Home, running free and happy with no more tumor-ridden body, combined with the grief of our cherished old bunny no longer being with us to cuddle and coddle.

PiToo and Opi took it fairly well, keeping about their business on the land, occasionally napping in the places where Dobby loved to nap himself and digging out the toys Dobby loved best.

I knew then as I know now, that PiToo and Opi have the ability to go interact with his spirit whenever they go to sleep, which for them is great because they know there is no death! Pure spirits of GOD in JESUS CHRIST can cross all worldly boundaries and time, and unfortunately most humans don’t understand nor believe this.

Humans tend to hold on to grief and sorrow in attachment which tends to become a sickness or an addiction causing differing kinds of troubles for those on Earth. Grief and sorrow are evidence of a compassionate and loving heart that loves LIFE, and are meant to be a part of the Transforming Power which causes one to be more confident in GOD’s Infinite Life. But folks get caught up in the fleshly vision which says, “My loved one is gone from my sight and gone from my touch.”

This limited vision greatly troubles JESUS, because He Wants His Children to KNOW Eternal Life and the JOY of being Graced to Receive Him both within and beyond the flesh!

We buried Dobby in the center of our family Heart Prayer Garden, a special place of honor where SunFlowers are planted every Spring. These flowers tower upwards of 15 feet, creating a peaceful sanctuary for Prayer in the inner part of the Heart. This is my absolute favorite place to write my Healing Songs, and now I have Dobby’s burial place to sit at and contemplate…and to just Breathe in the JOY of this Timeless Life.

Dobby’s gentle spirit is the embodiment of CHRIST’s Love, and I am just so happy and blessed to know that our little guy is living large in Heaven, wigglin’ his sweet little nose at us in constant radiation of his eternal Love…All born of Belonging to our LORD JESUS CHRIST….And I sure do hope that this simple little blog post about our Three Musketeers helps you and all in need. I Pray you choose to focus on JOY as that Gift in CHRIST which Awakens you to the Timelessness and Infinity of this Holy LIFE! GOD Bless your every atom and your every moment, as you become mightier in our Holy LORD!


Healing From Depression and Suicide: Here is Testimony that destroys EVIL in JESUS’ Name

Do you believe the lie that depression and suicide can never be Healed?

Get ready because that lie is now destroyed.

What follows is a brief summary of my worst sin that led to the holiest Transformation on Good Friday 1997, when I was 20 years old. I am sharing this because you need the Inspiration to know the TRUTH that the Healing Power of JESUS CHRIST is timeless and OutPouring for YOU. And you need the confidence and conviction that you CAN have a fully Transformed life in Him…now.

All Praise and GLORY to GOD alone!

After 20 years of trying to wade through the serious mental disturbances of my family, while striving to succeed in worldly accomplishments as a means of getting myself through the next day, the evil lies which I had embedded deep into my flesh and mind won, and I committed suicide. On a day when I knew no one would be home, I swallowed a full bottle of a family member’s prescribed  medicine, Coumadin, and then exposed myself to enough carbon monoxide to kill my flesh.

By the Miraculous Grace of GOD ALMIGHTY’s Holy Intervention, Angels caused my mother to think she had forgotten a key to her office and to return home. She was the one who found her daughter’s lifeless body on the floor of the family garage. In panic, she called 911, and,  as the hospital was only a mile from our house, the EMTs were there quickly.

Hearing the EMTs pronounce me dead on the spot, my mother screamed that I should still be taken to the ER, and that she would have it no other way, even after they repeated to her that I was dead.

This was NOT GOD’s Will, however.

It was from the OTHER SIDE of this sin, that GOD ALMIGHTY through JESUS CHRIST spoke to my soul, and where some of the Healing Mysteries were revealed.

Discover the Miracles that followed in the pages of She Breathes Infinity

This was the beginning journey of a never-ending upward spiral of my BONDAGE unto our Heavenly Father, and His Healing Will is why I became a mother, a published author, a musician, and Inspirational Speaker. My sole mission is to assist as many as possible in such a holy Transformation unto His Might.

It is time that YOU Awaken to His specific and awesome Grace for your mind, heart, and flesh so that you can FULLY LIVE… richly and FREE.

It is easy to say, “I believe in GOD’s Will to Heal,” but how many ACTIVELY LIVE His Healing Might so that real Transformation takes over?

Many folks don’t understand or know HOW to apply GOD’s Healing Will to every aspect of their lives. And sadly, many folks believe that negative emotions and dis-ease are just a part of human nature and the earthly experience.

The keys for you to apply GOD’s Healing Will to your life are found in:  She Breathes Infinity

My original Music, with Songs born of my Healing Journey and Life in Him, directly uplift and inspire you to TRUST His Will so as to put His Healing into action.

Dive into my 6 Healing music albums and contact me so I can support your spiritual Awakening unto living INFINITE HEALING NOW.

GOD BLESSES your every atom, and I Pray in JOY that you open to Receive His OutPouring of Divine LOVE constantly!

How to Escape Insanity With Tree Medicine

I walk through the woods a lot because I talk to JESUS or my Angels there, mostly to escape from the insanity of this world and always to Receive Him in His Holy OutPouring.

This is just one way in which He makes me able and gifted to Radiate His Healing Force. I came across this felled Tree

…where I captivatingly studied her from many angles, noting how tall she had grown and what was intertwined in her exposed roots.

She received no eulogies, certainly no plastic and rubber coffin after she fell. (And just as well for that!) No one shed tears for her passing. No one gave Thanks to GOD for her Service unto mankind while down here on Earth…

Well, it could very well be that I was the only one to stop and be with her in that moment as I am still contemplating on her spirit many days after seeing her like that.

I am sure grateful for her naturally-driven, Supernaturally-born life of Prayer, and for all the Holy gifts of life she emanated forth whole of  LIFE down here: from her acorns for the Squirrels to her sacred oxygen for our blood and more. I am grateful to know that her spirit has indeed moved on, with her task complete for this earthly smidgen of time, even though absolutely no one will ever truly give appropriate Thanks for her constant giving of PRAYER for all mankind. 

Trees have always been my closest Friends, and there is no other place I feel most at home down here than sitting right next to one of my giant Angels.

Holy Father and Divine Mother, I Thank Thee for Thy Beloved Trees and all the wee ones who don’t receive the perfect Love from mankind, which they were born from

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