Teaching How to Live Timelessly Healed In Jesus

Click here to listen to Elise destroy evil in Jesus’ Name or see the video immediately below:
Recently, I presented and taught at a Comference on Christian Healing, to an audience of hundreds. What you unfortunately don’t see via the video linked above, is one individual begin to cry ceaselessly, later approaching me saying that, in that moment, she felt that all of the horror of her earthly life, all of the depression connected to the rape she experienced, the abuse from her husband, and the rejection from her family….was now GONE. Praise the LORD!


Promise for Your Healing-You are Welcome into the Prayer Heart Garden!

When I make a Promise to GOD, I keep it and fulfill it, as all True Children of YAHWEH are Called to do. My Promises ALL radiate from Commitment to His Healing Might for YOU.  Watch this short video and below it is another gemstone of Healing Inspiration, just for you:


Because you KNOW the experience of loss in this earthly life, whether that be the loss of a loved one, a job, a horrific accident that came out of nowhere, news of a loved one’s diagnosed terminal condition, etc., you have been tempted to remain in evil’s prison of DOUBT and DESPAIR. You need to realize that the minions of evil laugh when you allow one second of doubt of Jesus’ Real Presence, to remain in your soul-mind and heart!