For all those of you who never had the mother or father you needed….❤️

I remind your heart and soul, sweet one, that you and the whole of the fleshly temple you reside in, Belong fully to YAHWEH, Who is GOD ALMIGHTY, in JESUS CHRIST.

His Holy Mother is also your Mother, and it is you who must take this Holy Moment in Him to fully crumble into His Indomitable LOVE which Heals ALL.

Let the insanity of emotional addictions ravaging your mind be washed away in His Oceanic Peace that Transforms everything of your past into a Rejuvenated Light in His Living Body.

It is time to Live HEALED Now, and join your True Family in CHRIST every Thursday at 7 pm CST for INFINITE HEALING NOW, the only weekly Webcast exclusively about Healing in CHRIST. Your voice is included in every show, because your spirit is direly important in GODs Great Plan. Click here: Infinite Healing Now, to “LIKE” the page and turn on notifications when we go live and to receive all posts ❤️

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