The World rejects souls of CHRIST, but HE KNOWS and ADORES every single one

This is a Prayer for the millions of souls ripped from the fleshly bodies

growing in mothers’ wombs

Fleshly temples dismembered


ALL which is done that goes against YAHWEH’s Will

Sacred souls whose committment to come

to a land where JESUS’ BLOOD has been spit upon

They denied your Right in CHRIST to LIVE

But INFINITELY He Breathes through you, and I give

this  Ray of Prayer as the Mother I am

unto each and every one of you

Sweet Stars of His Living Body

Your precious place is honored by way of my next INHALE.

Click here to Listen to:  SACRED FRUIT OF A MOTHER’s WOMB, to Pray with me in Healing for all those souls who were not permitted to come to Earth


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