Healing From Depression and Suicide: Here is Testimony that destroys EVIL in JESUS’ Name

Do you believe the lie that depression and suicide can never be Healed?

Get ready because that lie is now destroyed.

What follows is a brief summary of my worst sin that led to the holiest Transformation on Good Friday 1997, when I was 20 years old. I am sharing this because you need the Inspiration to know the TRUTH that the Healing Power of JESUS CHRIST is timeless and OutPouring for YOU. And you need the confidence and conviction that you CAN have a fully Transformed life in Him…now.

All Praise and GLORY to GOD alone!

After 20 years of trying to wade through the serious mental disturbances of my family, while striving to succeed in worldly accomplishments as a means of getting myself through the next day, the evil lies which I had embedded deep into my flesh and mind won, and I committed suicide. On a day when I knew no one would be home, I swallowed a full bottle of a family member’s prescribed  medicine, Coumadin, and then exposed myself to enough carbon monoxide to kill my flesh.

By the Miraculous Grace of GOD ALMIGHTY’s Holy Intervention, Angels caused my mother to think she had forgotten a key to her office and to return home. She was the one who found her daughter’s lifeless body on the floor of the family garage. In panic, she called 911, and,  as the hospital was only a mile from our house, the EMTs were there quickly.

Hearing the EMTs pronounce me dead on the spot, my mother screamed that I should still be taken to the ER, and that she would have it no other way, even after they repeated to her that I was dead.

This was NOT GOD’s Will, however.

It was from the OTHER SIDE of this sin, that GOD ALMIGHTY through JESUS CHRIST spoke to my soul, and where some of the Healing Mysteries were revealed.

Discover the Miracles that followed in the pages of She Breathes Infinity

This was the beginning journey of a never-ending upward spiral of my BONDAGE unto our Heavenly Father, and His Healing Will is why I became a mother, a published author, a musician, and Inspirational Speaker. My sole mission is to assist as many as possible in such a holy Transformation unto His Might.

It is time that YOU Awaken to His specific and awesome Grace for your mind, heart, and flesh so that you can FULLY LIVE… richly and FREE.

It is easy to say, “I believe in GOD’s Will to Heal,” but how many ACTIVELY LIVE His Healing Might so that real Transformation takes over?

Many folks don’t understand or know HOW to apply GOD’s Healing Will to every aspect of their lives. And sadly, many folks believe that negative emotions and dis-ease are just a part of human nature and the earthly experience.

The keys for you to apply GOD’s Healing Will to your life are found in:  She Breathes Infinity

My original Music, with Songs born of my Healing Journey and Life in Him, directly uplift and inspire you to TRUST His Will so as to put His Healing into action.

Dive into my 6 Healing music albums and contact me so I can support your spiritual Awakening unto living INFINITE HEALING NOW.

GOD BLESSES your every atom, and I Pray in JOY that you open to Receive His OutPouring of Divine LOVE constantly!

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