Healing Laughter to Destroy Evil

As I have been through, survived, and overpowered enough human drama-hell to make the next best selling movie or TV series, I now take every moment to laugh at nearly everything worth laughing about. And I put my own soul in the center of that laughing-stock material.

For the insanities, the vanities, the self destructive obsessions, the absorption of worldly lies promulgated by evil minions of this world in politics, religion, the "entertainment" industry, in ego human relationships…I have my own ridiculous history of having participated and made myself victim and accomplice to, such putridness.

Those pathetic addictions are no more. But that is not to say that I am beyond sin and stupidities. Daily, and truly moment by moment, I put myself in the radiant fire Who is Jesus Christ to use discernment to the best of my ability to honestly take a look deeply into this soul-mind.

For every time there is any negative emotions, any negative thought, or any negative words spilling forth from these lips, I drive another sword into the side of my precious Lord Jesus.

And why, in God's holy Life and Presence, would anyone intentionally choose to do such a thing?

So, in medicine and remedy Who is Jesus Christ, I have to stay silent, take a step back, think about Shakespeare who said, "and all the world's a stage"….I have to constantly keep command over my own soul mind, and as my spirit of Jesus' Presence and Eternity has truly overpowered the iniquities for the most part, I humble myself in Awe of His Atonement. I breathe His Holy Spirit. And I give myself unto the precious Lord Jesus Christ all over again and every inhale.

Laughing as much as I can in Gratitude

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