Elise R. Brion LIVES and SINGS Healing Radiance of GOD for YOU

There are two main LOVES of my Life: GOD ALMIGHTY, and SINGING for GOD ALMIGHTY

I am Blessed with His Gifted Power of Healing, as I have been Graced with impossible Miracles of Healing throughout this wee earthly life. Read a brief summary of how our LORD resurrected me from medically-declared death here, as that is exactly what happened to me on Good Friday of 1997. Get the full Miraculous, inspirational Testimony and Guidebook unto His Healing Might here, from my book: She Breathes Infinity.

The Knowing of Bondage in His Living Body, and the essence of His Infinity is the core substance of each and every one of my Songs. I Sing because there is His Radiance that streams through my every atom and my every note, intended to reach as many human beings as would Receive. I know the lie that evil wants souls to believe: that an earthly life is fleshly, limited, doomed toward disease and slavery unto the confines of a godless world.

 I DESTROY these lies in His Might.

I teach, through my books, inspirational speaking, and social media presence, all that it takes to FULLY live HEALED now. There is no time like no time to wait for Infinity.

Dive into my music and my offerings by way of my website. If you are TRULY interested in living as the unique spirit you are in GOD ALMIGHTY, if you are TRULY desiring to be FREE of a dying and dis-eased world, while changing it for the better, then I urge you to dive into the ocean of what I offer here.

All Praise and GLORY, I give, always, to my HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. There is nothing else I breathe for, other than Thy Will, Precious ONE.

Open. Listen. Read this blog and my books. Contact me with your Prayerful needs. It is this very moment when you begin to more deeply Discover who you TRULY are.

***Elise R. Brion***