How a JellyFish Heals all Mankind in Jesus’ Name

I constantly open to CHRISTs Endless Healing Beauty as yet another form of Worship and Prayer of Healing for all. And hanging out with JellyFish is among my favorite ways of doing just that.

Now these days I am not privy to jumping into any nearby exotic island’s surrounding ocean, so I Receive the immediate Beauty of GODs Holy and available blessings, and in this case, I went to the St Louis Zoo.

But HOW do I Know JellyFish are used in CHRIST for the Healing Prayer of all?

Because when I was 5, I got stung by touching one in the Gulf of Mexico.

And LORD Knows what my little kiddo reaction was to that 5 hour long, oozing-like-molten-Fire pain!

But I remember being fascinated with the sensations of the pain as a child. Quietly, talking to JESUS about His own Pain in relation to what I was feeling, I also vocally told my Daddy ( who was driving us back to Missouri after the vacation) that I KNEW JESUS was Healing him as well.

And I told my Daddy,

You should tell JESUS you’re thankful for that JellyFish!

When my Daddy asked me why he should be thankful about a JellyFish hurting his daughter, I said:

Because JellyFish are angels in the ocean and they teach people to think about the pain of what Jesus did for all.

My Daddy just smiled, and kept on driving.

❤️✝️❤️ If you feel inspired to keep on driving in this earthly life by Way of the LOVE via this blog post, please share it far and wide. I am Convicted in the Truth that you can do all things in JESUS. GOD Bless your every atom❤️✝️❤️

Elise R Brion

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