How to Escape Insanity With Tree Medicine

I walk through the woods a lot because I talk to JESUS or my Angels there, mostly to escape from the insanity of this world and always to Receive Him in His Holy OutPouring.

This is just one way in which He makes me able and gifted to Radiate His Healing Force. I came across this felled Tree

…where I captivatingly studied her from many angles, noting how tall she had grown and what was intertwined in her exposed roots.

She received no eulogies, certainly no plastic and rubber coffin after she fell. (And just as well for that!) No one shed tears for her passing. No one gave Thanks to GOD for her Service unto mankind while down here on Earth…

Well, it could very well be that I was the only one to stop and be with her in that moment as I am still contemplating on her spirit many days after seeing her like that.

I am sure grateful for her naturally-driven, Supernaturally-born life of Prayer, and for all the Holy gifts of life she emanated forth whole of  LIFE down here: from her acorns for the Squirrels to her sacred oxygen for our blood and more. I am grateful to know that her spirit has indeed moved on, with her task complete for this earthly smidgen of time, even though absolutely no one will ever truly give appropriate Thanks for her constant giving of PRAYER for all mankind. 

Trees have always been my closest Friends, and there is no other place I feel most at home down here than sitting right next to one of my giant Angels.

Holy Father and Divine Mother, I Thank Thee for Thy Beloved Trees and all the wee ones who don’t receive the perfect Love from mankind, which they were born from

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