Power of Healing Breath is your KEY to INFINITY

Do you realize that you are carrying the lies and crappy thinking of YEARS in your spine, chest, shoulders and neck? That chronic pain is not just from bad posture or lack of exercise, my Friend. It’s simply because you have forgotten the Power of Healing Breath in CHRIST.

When your breath is shallow, you cannot realize it is constantly blessing your fleshly temple in CHRIST, and this is indeed another form of dis-ease that you can destroy right now…RIGHT NOW you can Return to the Holy Transformative Healing Power.

Here’s why YOU should give a little bit of attention to that next inhale.

You have forgotten that holy pulse of your own mama’s heart beat, as you lay floating in that watery womb in your journey unto this little world.

That holy hum is actually your LINK to GOD’s Holy Presence. Did you know that?

So when you deny the lie of shallowness of a mind that pays more attention to personal emotions, news on the net,  and Netflix over and above His Holy Spirit, when you COMMIT to giving attention to your next inhale in this very moment, you are beginning to RETURN to the Holy Touch, the Holy Embrace of He Who Commands over your every atom and the very REASON of your placement on Earth.

And if all that feels too complicated, I am gonna just break it down for you here:

Close your eyes, say, “Thank You, JESUS”, and push your belly out nice and deep on your next inhale.

Next thing for you to do is click here and listen to my Song: Sacred Fruit of a Mother’s Womb, cuz that’s what YOU are. And when you’re done listening, click on the link below, and go buy my album and give it to yourself or someone you love so as to WHOOSH yourself back into the HeartBeat of GOD ALMIGHTY.

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