Healing in the midst of Sorrow Leads to a Lifestyle of Worship


​​During one of my lifestream webcasts of Infinite Healing Now Ministry, where I was discussing how to live on Fire in the Holy Spirit no matter what type of unexpected evil manifests, there was presented before me an unexpected opportunity to Worship the LORD by way of sorrow and suffering. A neighbor’s uncared for  cat had mauled a very young bird, and my two amazing dogs carried its little body close to me, in efforts of Healing. Watch the video here
Now God did not ordain that the little bird would be cruelly mauled by that cat, and yet the Holy Spirit Used that sorrowful circumstance for His Truth to be Shared and Experienced and Received. I decided to take that moment and radiate a prayer unto all life, and specifically for all those who are suffering in any way. The precious life of that sacred little bird was indeed merged with the holiness of He Who IS the Life, but it would not have been the same had the little bird’s body been left for dead unseen. 

It is your choice as to whether or not you sanctify life on earth in the Name of Jesus, as to whether or not you pray forth His precious and perfect Holy Spirit for the good of all life on earth. Mankind so desperately needs the individuals who truly love Jesus Christ to become ever stronger. For the weakness, disease, and blasphemy dumped upon the living Lord God Almighty is indeed an epidemic that is eternally destructive to billions of souls. Will you be one who makes your experience on earth a lifestyle of Worship?

Live Healed Now!

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