It’s not about killing the lies inside your mind…It’s about Transforming the filth into Health

I hear so many folks out there saying, “I just want to kill all this junk inside me” or “I just want all this past to be dead inside my mind.”

Statements like this, when it comes to Over Coming the lies in your mind and flesh (which you have put there yourself), indicates a violent attitude that will get you nowhere, my Friend.

Healing in CHRIST is about TRANSFORMATION, but in order to Receive His OutPouring of Transforming Light and Truthful LOVE, you have to REJECT the lie-full voices that try to rear their nasty little faces through your thoughts and words and actions.

To REJECT them is not to “kill” them, but to de-stabilize and remove their ego-born power, so that your conscious mind, your thinking mind, can recognize them for what they truly are: nothing.

So, in CHOOSING to retrain your brain CONSTANTLY, in CHRIST, you will discover that it is not about ax-murdering your repetitive defeating and lie-full thoughts. It is about laughing at their absurdity, stripping away their power, and watching them fizzle away in the Holy LIGHT and MIGHT of GOD’s OUTPOURING Truth and LOVE.

You WILL realize that you are in an ongoing wave of Transformation WITHIN His LIVING BODY!a1047a8cc103eb70b69aece75b7ad5ea

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