How Jesus Transforms your Cells

Do you accept that Jesus Supernaturally Washes through your every atom, the very moment He Sees your life has FULLY been Given to Him exclusively?

As His Child who Received impossible Healing Miracles in His Grace, both then and now, I speak in Conviction regarding this Indomitable Gift. He Awaits your openness to Receive.

He took my brain dead matter, and Supernaturally Transformed the oxygen- deprived and deadened cells.

He took my beaten and broken heart after its attack  due to Anorexia, and made it vigorous to where I now have an athletic rate of 64 beats per minute.

He took my barren womb, blindness, and deafness, and Gave me biological Children born at home, near-Perfect eyesight and perfect hearing.

And MOST importantly, He Gave me the Ministry of Infinite Healing Now to Teach in the WORD, to Assist and Support you in your unique Unfolding in GOD’s Great Plan.

YOU are Given the same Graces in His Healing, but you need the skills put into practice to Understand how to destroy evil and Transform all dis-ease in the Truth of Jesus Christ.  The book: She Breathes Infinity, Teaches those skills and is a key in your Transformation:

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….Here you will find Fellowship, uplifting discussion on all topics of Healing in Christ, ability to share Prayer Requests with regular and personal response and Prayerful support, and additionally, this group is an extension of the weekly LiveStream WebCast of Infinite Healing Now, with your host, Elise R Brion, It is THE weekly talk show which directly includes YOU in the show.

We have formed this group to mightily stay strong in our LORD in the use of social media for His Will, as we know how popular media platforms are becoming increasingly aggressive against Truth.

You will also have ability to directly communicate with Elise R Brion or another member of your choosing by way of joining this powerful Infinite Healing Now Community, linked above.

So come on Home to your Family in Christ’s Healing right now!

GOD Blesses your every atom. It’s time to LIVE HEALED NOW

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