Awakening into Healing Transformation-From suicide to anorexia to MOTHERHOOD and BEYOND

As those who have read She Breathes Infinity know, I nearly died from a heart attack due to anorexia in my early 20s. And this was AFTER GOD ALMIGHTY had resurrected me from medically-declared death by suicide, three years prior. It seems like one would give oneself a good KICK where the sun don’t shine after Receiving a Miraculous Act of Grace such as that, but I wasn’t done with the demons I had allowed to fester in my soul. The heart attack was the peak experience of that particular dose of hell I had brought upon myself, because it finally sent me over the edge of the Abyss into AWAKENING.

Huh? How can a heart attack from anorexia AWAKEN a person into Transformation?

For three years I was barren in my womb, not having a menstrual period, and I was cursing myself away from what my spirit has known for millions of years: that I am a MOTHER. I was supposed to birth forth three children in THIS life,

(as was revealed from my experience after my flesh was declared dead, in She Breathes Infinity)

but at age 21-23, the ego-demons were so permeating my conscious-thinking mind that I had denied that part of GODs Plan completely.

This was the biggest slap to the Holy Face of CHRIST possible. I had horridly stuck another sword in the Heart of JESUS, and was causing my fleshly temple, which He had Made in His Image, to erode upon itself in that anorexia.

So He took that evil curse I had created via anorexia, and when my heart shut down in the attack, He then Sent a Messenger to scoop me off that running trail, and Save me yet again.


BUT JESUS CHRIST HEALED THE WHOLE OF ME, causing me to REMEMBER the Babies I was supposed to bring forth powerfully.

My First-born son, emerged in the Water November 16, 2001

The image above is the Sacred Fruit of my Womb, and I URGE you to take note of the Miraculous time frame in which this child of God came forth:

*No menstrual period for 3 years due to severe weight loss- 1998-2000

*Heart attack due to anorexia, and an unknown man named, “Michael”, carries my body miles off a trail, to the ER- June 2000

*Hospitalized for 4 months in ICU for physical re-stabilization; Eating Disorder Unit in another state- June through September 2000

*Menstrual period, or “Moon Flow” returns- December 2000

*I am pregnant with my first born son, pictured above- February 2001

*My baby is powerfully and simply birthed at home in the Water-November 16, 2001

Simply STUDY this time frame. If the Truth that GOD ALMIGHTY resurrected me from medically-declared death by suicide doesn’t astound you enough, reflect on what GOD’s Holy Grace did here.

Two years and 2 months later, another Sacred Child was born to me in that same bathtub:

My Second Sacred Baby Girl…born September 13, 2004

I Urge you to crush the lies in the deepest parts of your mind that tell you, “You cannot be Healed of (fill in the blank)”.

I Stand in the Fire of His Living WORD, saturating you in FAITH that He CAN and WILL Transform the whole of you, and it is YOU who has to show you are Ready to Receive. Let me support you Prayerfully, in the mastery of what He has Graced through my spirit, through this body. It is why I am here on Earth: to see millions more Open to Receive what is so holily Given.

Pray with me now: HOLY FATHER, in Thy Ever-OutPouring and Indomitable LOVE, we OPEN our whole being unto YOU alone. In total Submission unto You, through our Savior and Healer, JESUS CHRIST, our every atom and every moment is Given unto Thy Holy Spirit. We PRAISE YOU, LORD, in total Trust, Faith, and God-fidence that Your Will is done through our soul-minds, hearts, fleshly temples, and spirits. THANK YOU, Sweet Father.


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