Ocean waves of an earthly life

One’s earthly life is a series of waves of dreams within dreams in the Grand Scope of GODs Great Plan. However, the  fleshly cavity of mind in which worldly folks think and through which the ego operates only leads to demise of the soul and spirit. Dis-ease and doubt are the hurdles which a soul  then attempts to jump over, stumbling so many times because of these self-created illusions which evil laughs about.

Evil LOVES self-deprecating doubt and dissatisfaction.

When I look back on the trials of this little body suit He Gave me, but which only He Will Forever Possess, I laugh at the old ravages of ego which used to plague my every atom. I laugh at evil’s attempt to wither me away from my Knowing of Unity in CHRIST. I laugh at all the lies I put into my own soul-mind, which had turned me into a zombie of depression, victimizing myself unto the demons who really tried very hard to see my spirit dead. 

I laugh at ego’s attempt to get my heart to believe that I needed another human to make my life complete.

This earthly life is composed of waves upon waves of CHOICES to either Become more and more LIKE CHRIST so as to discover who one is as a unique spirit in our LORD….or it is rife with experiences of defeat, worldly-born doubt, and depression that leads to nothing but spiritual defeat. Why would anyone who has tasted of CHRIST, CHOOSE to be drowned in waves of a dying world?

Why would a soul who is on FIRE in CHRISTs LOVE, CHOOSE anything other than radiating His Passionate LIFE, for the Healing of MILLIONS of other souls?

I know what Choice I make in every Breath and in every Song I write and Sing…Listen here, to a taste of His Endless Ocean: https://www.soundcloud.com/brion_elise/ocean-of-eloi-from-native-to-infinity

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