Once upon a time when words meant nothing……..

fe1cf0cd99e22df8dce1ce87dc6ef934You know, when you were in the womb, words meant nothing.

All that you sensed were frequencies and vibrations, as every thought your mother brought forth and every emotion that swept through her flesh directly affected your whole growing being.

In fact, your very nervous system first sprouted forth by way of the moving energetic orchestra of electricity, bio-organic chemical compounds, and GOD’s Will.

So why are you so caught up in the mental worded constructs of what is streaming through your mind?

What have you been doing spending the last 20, 30, or 40 years + of your life mired down in the interpretations of your learned mind, where the ego typically reigns dominant to the point where you do not live as a unique spirit in CHRIST but as a human defined by the limitations,  language and world of mankind?

I Sing because it is the closest thing to the True Tongue of Heaven that can be possibly expressed by myself, in human form. Singing is not how I typically communicate back Home, but for now, I am pleased because I know how  GOD Works through my vocal chords to saturate the listener with His Healing Might.

I use the energy of His Life Way, His Will, His Force to permeate through every note, finding words by way of His Holy Spirit’s Inspiration to then wash through the listener with Compassion,  using Uplifting and Encouraging Rays that MEAN something.

I have been told that listening to my Songs, especially live and in person, is like, “Being inundated with a healing shower straight from heaven.”

(Thank you, Hope!)

Anyway, words are simply a medium, a limited medium, which you must use consciously and in simplicity. For this is a world that seeks to distract, distance, and dis-ease your whole being away from that ever-Present Pulse, that constant HUM of GOD’s Awesome and Living Body.

Take a listen here to help you return to such a Holy Ocean of His Light:

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