Repairing an Angel’s Wing

This is the wooden angel my daughter gave me last Christmas, and she has had her place of honor right next to our beloved grandma beta fish whose name is  Narina:

Now just the other day as I was cleaning around Narina’s tank, I accidentally knocked the angel over sending her crashing down to the wooden floor. Immediately her right wing severed off and flew away from her body a few inches.

I was aghast. And I felt horrible for my stupid error.

I finished my cleaning job after gathering her severed wing, placing it in a little coconut husk pouch off to the side.

I didn’t want to stop cleaning because I believe in finishing what you start, and I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in turning my mistake into a lesson and a teaching.

That severed right wing stayed in the coconut husk for two weeks, with myself occasionally coming back to stare at that broken wing and that Angel with half her capacity. Coincidingly, I observed  the current happenings of this fallen and diseased world, as is my custom, and I decided to put the Healing focus upon all souls who have  intentionally attempted to cut the wings off others who DO desire to know God’s transformative Power. The Prayer got sweaty and full of FIRE as I felt and saw exactly how evil attempts to annihilate souls from receiving the Love of GOD through JESUS. But I stayed my course…and kept things SIMPLE.

I turn everything into Prayer of His Will. I choose to constantly open myself to allow His Holy Spirit to bring forth that which the Heavenly Father desires.​

So, I grabbed that wood glue and went to work, SEEING the Restoration of millions in the Holy LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST as I did this seemingly physical kindergarten work.

And this I KNOW:

That this LIFE BELONGs fully to my Holy LORD and I am Bonded unto EXACTLY what He Wants. So what I Pray forth in His  Name occurs exactly according to His  Will and His Way and in His Timeless and Perfect Direction. 

I am His Muscle and His unique Creation, here to see the ravages of evil in these End Times…fully Destroyed. What are YOU here to do? Breathe His Highest Blessings now………And…

Dive into She Breathes Infinity for your direct assistance in HOW to LIVE His Kingdom fully Healed…right now.

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