The Way GOD Speaks= Silence

I’m a person who doesn’t prefer to speak too much, socially. You get me out in public, and unless I am on stage Singing or Testifying in Jesus, then you will typically be wondering why I am so quiet. I have been asked so many times, “Is there something wrong? You are so quiet.”

Silence tends to make people uncomfortable. But it is the perfect satellite and transmitter for the Work in God Almighty, and here’s why:

Raying Forth GODs WORD in Silence

God doesn’t speak in human language. He had to make Himself known to a darkened mankind by way of this limited conscious -mind-collection of images and sounds known as language. Worldly tongue is the means by which humans continue to confuse and dis-ease themselves, as it is the breeding grounds for ego and the tool by which humans manipulate evilly and are made pawns to the minions of darkness. Human language was created due to man’s choice to sever itself from GOD in its refusal to abide by His Will See Genesis 11:1-9

The Holy Bible, which Truthfully Says He IS the WORD, is a Supernaturally Divine statement which cannot and should not be interpreted according to human understanding of the definition of “word.” For the Living WORD encompasses all of His Holy Omniscience, all His Holy Power, all His Holy Love, and It is beyond human cognitive grasp.

However, in His Awesome Love, GOD Sees how mankind must be Healed according to its severed existence on Earth. He Knew and Knows that it cannot naturally Receive His WORD spiritually. So GOD Ordered that the WORD be Imitated appropriately among His Chosen, necessarily using language for the Teaching of His Way

See 1 Corinthians 14:2-28
But He Says that few words are best, among His People.

YAHWEH and all His Angels Speak in frequency, in vibratory energy, and it is the only means of transferring His Will throughout all Universes in Perfection. It is the Way He Passes Judgement and Heals, the Way He Brings Forth new aspects of His Creation. It is the Way His Mercy and Love is Cast Forth for all Life. It is the Way human civilizations have been wiped out, to clear the evil energy from His Son’s Perfect Body, making space for the Holy Spirit to Lift all unto Him anew.

And silence is the Main blessed spiritual gift to Receive endless Rays of His Holiness. It is also the Way to best Pray, for when you can quietly radiate the vision of your prayer without using words, you activate the teaching of Jesus when  he said, “and when you ask for something of my Father, see that it has already been Given unto you.”

If it is of His Will, He has already Foreseen the need, and it is you who is energetically calling it forth in this world, in His Holy Name.

There is truly no better Way to Receive Him, to Pray within Him, and to Worship Him, so as to fully Be Transformed.

A Friend who sat with me in Silent Prayer of Gratitude on a recent Mission Trip

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