Singing for Amariah

I am a former doula and midwife who served hundreds of mothers and babies in pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-partum. I have seen mostly births, a few deaths, and lots of the Holy Spirit’s Direct Presence, Hand, and Intervention in Miracles far too many to detail here. But I stopped doing birth work a few years ago, because the midwifery turned to GOD’s Healing Might, radiated through my public speaking, Music, and books. Yet, Baby Amariah and her recent Miracle is evident that midwifery is strong and outpouring via my life.

My friend, Maria, is grandmother to this 6 month old Sweetheart:


Amariah had been diagnosed with craniosystosis, a condition that ranges in degree of intensity but is always very serious and life threatening. Amariah underwent a surgery just yesterday, on June 3, 2016, on her cranium, that sought to prevent lifetime paralysis. I was only informed of Amariah’s condition a few  weeks ago, in May 2016, but quickly began writing a Prayer Song about and for Amariah, as well as organized a wee Prayer group to assist. Maria, her grandmother, told me that when the surgeons began prep to operate on her spinal cord, it was discovered that that part had already been Healed. Just a few weeks prior it was found to be in need of corrective surgery.

I am going to share the Song I wrote for Amariah, that was repeatedly Sung on Annica in the days leading up to her surgery, but not right now. It is a powerful Song, born of Unity in the ALMIGHTY LIVING PRESENCE of GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT, and I want Amariah to be quietly soaked in GOD’s Singular and Mighty Ray for awhile longer. Healing is a VERY tender and holy thing.

But I had to REJOICE with you in sharing of this miracle. There are trillions of miracles happening all the time, and it is up to you, to reject the lies and filth inside your mind and flesh that keep you from living His Truth and this Understanding.

Just GAZE upon the precious face of this Baby girl.

And REJOICE in Belonging to the Indomitable MIGHT of JESUS CHRIST!

Listen to another of my Songs, “Sacred Fruit of a Mother’s Womb” to REJOICE with me in GOD, right now!

Vive Cristo Rey.

***Elise R. Brion***

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