Supernatural Healing Steps are NEVER to be Wasted…

I am a firm believer in NEVER wasting Supernatural Healing Moments, which in all Truth, is EVERY single second. Because I destroyed my brain and heart through medically-declared death by suicide, and in GOD’s Grace was Miraculously Healed, I know what it takes to LIVE the Preciousness of LIFE:

Living on Earth in fleshly form naturally brings disease, because evil has been allowed to remain and mutate down here. It is the natural way of the world to instill lies, dis-ease, doubt, and doom into a human being’s every atom and every layer of mind.


I DESTROY EACH AND EVERY SINGLE iota of evil by way of my very lifestyle: which is working in the dirt of the sacred earthly soils, and I go straight into the dirt of the world through my weekly, livestream on HEALING, through my books, and music so as to Directly Assist all souls in Transforming their lives from dis-ease and despair into Living INFINITE HEALING NOW. I do this because I know what it is to go from suicidal depression and death unto the Power of Infinity… and you can too!

You are Designed in CHRIST to Become Transformed in every area of your LIFE! Are you READY for it? We start with the Simple and Sacred, gathering the Seeds of this very moment, preparing the Garden for more Healing….


and when you subscribe to my site, you continually Receive more Guidance and Support. And now, you need to simply OPEN so as to WATER that Garden. The OutPouring of GOD ALMIGHTY IS the TRUTH of LIFE. So jump into the Cascade with me here!

WATER is a holy Gift from GOD which becomes His Living Might, when YOU put the Focus of CHRIST upon it. Because mankind has stripped Nature on Earth away from the Perfection of GOD ALMIGHTY, it is a Gift and Responsibility to ReClaim it, in JESUS’ Name. And the WHOLE of all Life benefits from YOUR simple action. Listen to my Song: RUSHING for the Holy Inspiration you need, and come back to get these next Healing steps:

Here are a few simple and powerful steps you can activate in your life RIGHT this very moment so as to enter into the Healing of INFINITY:

  1. Tape or write with a permanent marker, the words “HEALED” on a drinking container you use regularly.
  2. Pay attention to the details of what occurs in your days, as you practice drinking the Reality that GOD has already Healed and is Healing you.
  3. Click here: to get your copy of She Breathes Infinity or any one of my Healing-from-Heaven music albums and SUBSCRIBE to this site for continual Radiance and Support for your Journey within Infinite Healing Now.

Always know that you can contact me anytime on Facebook. I DO respond to your messages. I am ALIVE so that you would Live Healed NOW!


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