Truly dead in living form versus ALIVE INFINITELY NOW

4383d0976b6efd8ad74deebcea1353faChances are you allow some degree of negative emotional thinking and addiction to the past to remain in your mind.

This is a common human behavior, but it is NOT a part of human “nature.”

Further still, mankind also has subjected and unified itself into a collective and individualized nefarious addiction to all things ego, and to deny this is to give more sugar to a flabby and dis-eased aspect of the defeated devil, but his minions are rampant all over this world, feasting away as the parasites they are. So DON’T  feed the beast by way of your own weakness of mind!

Now, I tell you, if you ALLOW, for one more moment, your soul-mind and heart and flesh to be controlled by lies such as the ones I have just mentioned, then YOU SEVER YOURSELF from CHRIST’s RADIANCE.

When you allow your mind to remain entrenched in thoughts of doom, despair, self-deprecation, etc., you empower the billions of evil-intending beings on Earth who are seriously focused on seeing billions more souls go down with them.

Do you SEE this reality I speak of?

You are truly dead in living form if you stay stuck in a past that energetically DOES NOT EXIST.

You are truly dead if you allow the perversions of this evil world to be copied by your ego’s thoughts within your soul-mind then turning them into actions that HURT LIFE.


If you are a WARRIOR who is willing to exorcise the filth in your soul-mind and in your flesh EVERY MOMENT, in JESUS CHRIST…..

And STAY COMMITTED to His Timeless Victory over ALL evil…..


It is ONLY the lying voices of your ego, entrenched deeply in your soul-mind, that try to convince you otherwise.

Lastly, you need to understand that negative emotions are NOT a part of human nature. Read SHE BREATHES INFINITY, as it clearly explains the history of HOW and WHY humanity has come to integrate the LIE that negative emotions are inevitable . It is THE book that directly saturates you with hands-on methods of destroying ALL that plagues you, as it is a radiance of the Healing Will of CHRIST, in form. This book is your key in GODs HEALING WILL to Transform that which is dead into that which is POWERFULLY MIGHTY in TRUTH.

I want you TO LIVE GOD’s KINGDOM NOW, and the ONLY Way for you to FULLY do this is to start destroying ALL the festering lies inside you. When you do this, you are LIVING GODs Will of Healing for ALL.


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