TRUST: Who to Give it to and Who to keep it from

TRUST is a Supernatural Ray of GOD’s Living BODY. Just like FAITH, TRUST is a living, breathing spirit OF the TRUTH and WORD of JESUS CHRIST.

TRUST is a BOND between the one who welcomes TRUST into the mind and heart and flesh, and the Heavenly Father.

It is a SEAL of Commitment that allows the one in human form to DO GOD’s WORK so that mankind is positively affected.

Humans think that Trust is something earned between humans alone.


You cannot Trust any human being, unless and UNTIL that human has consistently shown their DEVOTIONAL activity in Living CHRIST by way of their thoughts, actions, intentions.

In this world, you must use discernment, moment by moment.

Every time you open your mouth and engage with another human being, you either live GOD’s PLAN, or you go against it.

Do not sever yourself from His LIVING MIGHT by putting your TRUST in one who is not deserving of it.



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