VOICE through the eyes

I see His Face when I Sing.

I feel His Blood when I Sing.

I am often tuned in, or “rayed-in” to someone or some group of people’s suffering when I Sing. And the more I Sing the wider and higher the experiences get.

It is very difficult for me to NOT look into someone’s eyes when I am in conversation with them, and that has either been a good thing or caused someone else great strife. Cuz most folks have a problem with deep communication and radiance via the eyes.

The eyes are not just the window to the soul.

They are  SUPPOSED to be a mirror unto INFINITY.

I want you to spend 5 minutes EVERYDAY, staring ONLY into your OWN eyes, via a mirror.

Watch what happens in your mind.

There will be a lot of nonsense and filth, most likely, that will gunk through your mind, but I urge you to get to a point where you are crushed to a new degree of HIS MIGHTY LOVE for YOU.

There is no end to the discovery of what His HOLY SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO AWAKEN TO, my Friend!

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