For all Those Who Have Ever Been Attacked Because of Your Faith and Walk in Jesus

I know what it's like to have stones thrown at me because of my Commitment to Radiate Truth Who is Jesus.

Those stones have been thrown by many different types of souls, but I find it especially noteworthy, as the biggest and most abundant barrage of stones have been thrown in the past, by some souls who call themselves "Christian."

Because my Miraculous Healing Testimony is so profoundly awesome in the Grace of His Supernaturally Divine Power, many humans are quick to test my spirit. Because the Holy Bible Gives the Command to do so, I am completely open to it, never hesitating when a soul makes that attempt.

I am Bonded in the Truth Who is Jesus, Living Committed in His Atonement and Holy Grace. Therefore I stand confident and humbled every time I am tested.

But I have experienced souls crossing major lines of not just spiritual decency but human propriety as well.

Each and every time an encounter like this has manifest, I am tested in the Holy Spirit as to the degree of Unity in Jesus I am maintaining no matter the epithets and vitriol spewed forth.

I failed terribly in those early years, taking the evil personally to where my ego chose doubt of my heart in Christ, to where anger and fury clouded my soul-mind, and to where what came out of my mouth in retaliation was nothing more than evidence of the success of ego, which is the fuel of a different form of evil.

Now, however, I have Grown with such dedication and persistence in Jesus to the point where I can indeed hold firm and calm in the Peace Beyond All Understanding. I can take that step back from the demon energy in human form attempting to defeat my soul, in focused attention to my Breath in His Precious Holy Spirit….to where I am then Guided to either speak or say nothing at all.

My Friend, the hardest challenge God Will Ask of you is to have no words or written message at all, in reaction to said particular evil done to you. You will feel justified in writing or conjuring up what your ego thinks is the "best comeback" to that liar, or to bring forth an expression justified in Truth (because you may have researched Scripture in your retort).

But I tell you, that typically the MOST Powerful thing you can do in response to the attack of an evil minion or soul who has chosen the ways of evil…is to say and do nothing but Pray for them. And if your Prayer is not earnest in Jesus, He WILL Know and somehow that will backfire on you until you get it Right in your heart, soul-mind, and flesh.

So BECOME who GOD Designed you to imitate….and let the Lord Handle the liars. He's Right ALL the time.

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