When words fail, I Sing


I have messed up time and time again in many interactions with people I love. The Good LORD and my MOTHER knows how foul a tongue I used to have because I grew up in this lifetime, observing negative emotions imprinted into speech and behavior. As this soul-mind of mine developed in this world, I created a barricade of ego as defense of my heart so that I could just make it down here, so that I could just get through the daily lies and spiritual dis-ease of the world around me…a world that was trying to make me just like its lying self.

My spirit has always been HIGHER and STRONGER than any of this body-temple and the lies I engrained into it, which is why I HAD to keep Singing.

It took a whole lot of exorcising the filth from my being, to Return to who I am in GOD ALMIGHTY, but it happened. Those of you who have read my book: She Breathes Infinity, know the hell that I destroyed in and around me, unified in CHRIST, of course.

The frequencies that emanate from my Voice are born of His Will, His WORD, and His Way. My spirit, which is now fully merged within this fleshly temple and soul-mind and heart, SINGS His Purpose and His HEALING.

And more often than not, I just open my mouth to Sing instead of talking to GOD with words, because words are of this world. And NOTHING of this world is of GOD.

4 thoughts on “When words fail, I Sing

  1. I know I have and still do use more 4-lettered and foul words than I should. I can joke about it and say things like nurses (I am a nurse) are worse than sailors the way we talk, but that’s just an excuse.
    I am trying to use less profanity when I speak, even to myself, but it’s a work in progress. I have read Elise’s book as well as the Trilogy that she co-wrote (The Strong Witch Society), so I understand the effect of the sounds that come out of my mouth. If they are uplifting and positive, they help heal and strengthen the Creation Frequency, but if they are foul, profane, or ugly, they hurt the Creation Frequency. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I can See the effect of my words and thoughts on the surrounding area, which is why I’m doing my best to either be silent or speak in tones that help with healing.

    • Attention and Awareness regarding one’s own tongue is such a powerful tool in Renewal, as taming the tongue is indeed an arduous endeavor. Imprintations and learned ways run deep, and I have found that substituting a “neutral” word for one that is foul is a FUN way to retrain the brain to stop obeying the ego. For example, if one is used to saying the word “sh#%”, then perhaps one could intentionally practice using the phrase “Shine it!” instead. It might sound corny and difficult at first, but I tell you, it works! You express clarity about the Creation Frequency, Kathleen, and that is radiance that sends such sweet Harmony throughout the whole of this Precious Life. Thank you!

  2. I, SO, need to embrace this idea. I am better than I used to be but still have plenty of room for improvement, and this is a fabulous idea. Thank you Elise!

    • You are infinitely welcome, dear Lisa! If you practice this, please come back here and comment about what you learn, what you observe about your progress and the funny JOY that comes of it, if you would be so kind!

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