When your own mind lies to you and how I use my SONGS to wash the gunk away

It is so easy to get stuck down here…to feel stuck…to stay stuck….

Your own mind is truly your worst enemy cuz JESUS already took care of the devil and got him defeated and bound. REMEMBER THAT.

And it’s that darned wimpified and weak ego that makes itself blown up, kind of like beyonce in her satanic spandex on stage.

You are NONE of that. And that is just part of what I put into my Music, my SONGS…The Medicine that saturates you with TRUTH of who you are: energetic and unique spirit who Belongs ONLY to GOD ALMIGHTY in JESUS CHRIST.

My Music does not Belong to anything of this world….absolutely nothing. But in soaking in what GOD GIVES so Ceaselessly, the frequencies and patterns of the Songs realigns your very atoms with His Indomitable Will of Healing for the whole of your life. How do I know this?

Because I have countless experiences of How GOD has Healed my very DNA, my very brain neurons, my very heart atoms, and every layer of my mind…by Way of HIS Will and through the use of my Voice. And I Give ALL the Praise and Glory to GOD ALMIGHTY alone.

My Music is that burst of Comfort, that dose of Sunshine and Starlight that your every layer of mind and every atom needs to BECOME who you TRULY are.

What are you waiting for?

Jump into His Cascade now.


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