Why Singing is as Breathing to me

I have never been one to mince meaning in how I talk or Sing. In the past I have been accused of using words that are not in the human language reservoir, which means I have a tendency to make up “new” words. Why? I know why. It’s because where I come from, words do not exist. Back Home, I do not use words to express or communicate. The truth is, none of us do.

Instead, frequencies, or rays of thought are the main tongue. Yup, you got it. Energy of sound and communication using light…That’s how I speak back Home, and that is also how I Sing, down here….

But I am not talking about any new-agey concept, folks.

I am talking Truth of what the reality looks like as the unique spirit being I am who exists, eternally, in the Living Body of GOD ALMIGHTY.

I am that, right now, in human form. And I want you to awaken as to who YOU really are, too….Take that next inhale WITH Attention.

You see, my next inhale is as important as those directed rays that I organize into sound and word pattern because I know ALL of it is Received by GOD and radiated out into this universe and beyond.

ALL of Life exists within GODs Living Body, so I Breathe with and for and because of Him. My Breath and Song are united in my spirit’s expression of JOY in Belonging to Him.

But I also Sing because I teach and radiate His HEALING: what it takes to exorcise oneself of all the lies and all the dis-ease, cuz this world wants to see your demise and doom be complete.

You do not want that, now, I am sure.

So inhale and Song….For me, they are one in the same.




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