Why Trust ONLY GOD through JESUS CHRIST?

Sounds weird, right?

Trust no human.

I mean, how in the world are you going to accomplish ANYTHING in this earthly life if you do not trust another human?

There is a difference between TRUST and agreement. TRUST is a spiritual Gift from GOD ALMIGHTY through JESUS CHRIST which should only be fully given unto His Holy Spirit exclusively, and He IS ALIVE and very much Present. Humans of this world, in order to be possibly worthy of trust must prove with CONSISTENCY, that they have denied everything of their ego in placing GODs Will first. This must be evident in what they say, what they do, and and the whole of their lives must reflect this Commitment.

An agreement between souls in human form is a much different condition and far less spiritually powerful, but it CAN lead to something blessed by GOD. When you agree to be in relationship with another human, whether that be in friendship, business, or intimate energies, you are acknowledging an inter-dependence upon one another. There is some understood reciprocity between yourself and that person, with each person responsible for keeping up their end of the pact.

You know very well how many times other humans have either let you down or completely gone against you.

So HOW do you formulate earthly relationships that are actually of His Goodness?

Make GOD ALMIGHTY your EVERYTHING first, and COMMIT to the exorcisms of your own mind, heart, and flesh that He Requires in order to be BONDED unto Him Completely. This is an ongoing process while in human form. But you will see that those humans presently in your life who can resonate with this CHRIST MARRIAGE will indeed stick around. Those who cannot or who refuse to Love Him above all, will indeed fall away.

So, if you are lacking in earthly friendships, impoverished or sick in anyway because of past hurts due to untrustworthy humans…Join the club! We all have this experience, but I tell you…..

JESUS is YOUR EVERYTHING. So COMMIT to BONDAGE in Him exclusively in TRUST, right now!

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