Your spiritual Health is connected to your political vote

The Deeper one lives the Truth of JESUS the more radiantly clear that one is NOT of this world. As a True Adopted Child of GOD, it is your Right and Obligation to emanate in this world, what His Holy Spirit Teaches you. It is also your Calling in CHRIST to share how JESUS has Healed you, with other souls, and to LIVE His TRUTH in every aspect of your life on Earth. 

Especially when it comes to politics…America is at a brink, at this point in mankind’s history within this space of GODs Infinite Kingdom….a brink where GOD is watching the Choice that will be made by every American voting soul.

And the Choice put before American citizens does indeed reflect a spiritual divide between good and evil. To vote for the candidate who intends on privatizing funding of “planned parenthood” (whose organization of murder has a lie for a name), is a vote for evil. To vote for the one who does nothing but lie to America including the families of the murdered soldiers of Benghazi, to vote for the evil-doer who has stolen millions of dollars from countless sources never giving a dime of it to the ones promised (Haiti), to vote for Hilary, who gave political advantages to the regimes and governments who privately donated to the Clinton Foundation immediately before the fact….To vote in this way is to vote for all that which goes against LIFE, Who IS CHRIST.

If your vote is given to Hillary, you will be aligning your soul with evil.

JESUS IS the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE.

Evil considers the  American people and the Christian and Catholic Churches to be weak, stupid, and incapable. And evil’s prize she-demon is currently running for President of the United States.

Vote Trump, because a vote for Trump is saying YES to the eradication of Isis, saying YES to the Protection of the Unborn, saying YES to the Protection of this nation, saying YES to Law and Order, and saying YES to Freedom in FAITH. Make sure your spirit’s expression via your vote is in Harmonious Alignment with LIFE. Vote TRUMP.

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